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3 months

Basic Certificate Acting Course

• Weekend Classes
• Regular Classes

6 months

Advanced Certificate Acting Course

• Weekend Classes
• Regular Classes


Film Making Course

• 6 Weekends Basic Filmmaking certificate workshop (coming up).
• 3 Months Detailed Film making certificate Course (coming up).

3&6 months

Online Certificate Acting Course

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About Us

Born with a passion for cinema, DIFA sprinkles its inspiration amalgamated in the technical and creative skills of the aspiring actors. We are committed to serving the growing talent, the collaborative art that flows from cinematic training.

DIFA is dedicated to teaching the diverse culture of acting artistry to the masses while adapting the prominence of world-class theatrics and delivering it through high-quality acting training sessions.

DIFA is built on the legacy of presenting art, culture through storytelling, communication and appealing expressions that sway the spectator with mesmerizing and heartwarming performances.

Why choose us?

DIFA does not just offer acting training to budding talent, it fosters an innate passion for visual arts and dynamic creatives to amplify their artistry and drive them towards a path of the various forms of acting in the professional world of entertainment.

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